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English Muffin 4PK

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If you’ve given up on a quality, great tasting gluten-free English Muffin…. your luck has changed.

Taste, texture and even the cornmeal on the outside make these gluten free bread English Muffin singles a WIN WIN! Now also Dairy Free!

We love to pamper your tastebuds with gluten-free vegan treats.  Our English Muffins are no exception.  With Gluten Free Things brand gluten-free vegan English Muffins,  you can bring your favorites back into your life, including toasted English Muffins with butter and jam, eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce, egg mc-muffins and more.  From the texture to the cornmeal baked into the dough for texture and flavor,  these English Muffins will satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. 


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Customer Reviews (10)

English Muffins, Oh My!

I've missed English Muffins more than any other gluten product in the over five years since I had to go gluten free. I really didn't believe the reviews stating that these tasted just like the originals, but I decided to give them a try anyway. I'm now a believer. Excellent English Muffins, right down to the nooks & crannies and the chewiness. Thanks for making a super product. Vivian Reilly


These English muffins are an absolute delight! I love them toasted. They would probably make a great burger bun too! Next time Vlada

Gluten free CAN be good!

I am so happy with the English muffins that I already have my second order in! I’m in New York and have to get English muffins from Colorado because they are that good! Also, it has been a pleasure working with the owners of this establishment. They are beyond sweet. I would highly recommend trying them out! Alyssa


I am addicted to these english muffins. I haven't had something so good that crunches like an English Muffin in 25 yrs. Thank you they are amazing. MICHELE SCARDUZIO

I'm missing English Muffins no more!

My son has been GFDF for 12 years. I have been GF for 10. For all of that time, I've missed English muffins. I haven't found anything that had the same bite, flavor, and texture. I was so so happy when I discovered these! Thank you Gluten Free things for bringing English Muffins back into my life. These are deicious:) Jennifer Youstra
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