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Our Gluten Free Things brand bagels are simply wonderful.  Four per package, our bagels are available in two popular varieties:  

  1. Sesame, Poppy, Onion, Garlic Everything Bagel.  Full of flavor, gluten-free vegan Bagels.  
  2. Cinnamon Raisin - for a little sweet and a lot of YUM!


If you're taking advantage of our bulk pricing discounts - $1.00 off each package - even on top of our sales - then you've ordered 6 or more of our Gluten Free Things bagels.   Thats a great savings.

What we recommend is placing your bagels in the freezer as soon as you can, upon delivery or pickup from our dedicated bakery.

This morning I reached into the freezer, removed one bagel for myself.  The bagels are individually packaged in plastic sleeves inside of the bag with the label.

I clip open the sealed sleeve with scissors and place the bagel inside of the microwave.  I set the bagel to nuke for 15 seconds.  Remove from the microwave.

Next, I grab my serrated knife (or whatever knife you use to slice) and I slice the bagel into two halves.   I pop the bagel halves in the toaster and wait for my toaster to pop it up.  

Now you can add butter, margarine, jelly or cream cheese or whatever your favorite toppings might be.   Personally, as a gal who is always aware of calories, fats and sugars, I just eat the bagel plain toasted.   The cinnamon raisin are packed with raisins and delicate cinnamon flavor!    Our everything bagel offers more of a savory flavor and I'll update this page once I've prepared and tasted that variety of Gluten Free Things newest product.   

Bottomline, Gluten Free Things premium brand bagels are a treat for your tastebuds from the word go!

Stretch your wallet further with Bulk Prices.    The more you buy the more you save.

Customer Reviews (5)


Stumbled upon this place and now we place orders on a regular basis. Love the GF options. Nic Troupe


I love the Everything Bagels!! They are my favorite!! It is so great to be able to have them again!! Mary E Conley


My husband loves them. He said they have great flavor! Sherry

Get these as a staple

I love the cinnamon raisin bagels. I tried them when ordering the english muffins as another alternative for my GF kids and me. Now they are a staple in my house. I wished I had ordered more! Delicious. Jennifer Youstra


always enjoy the bagels! Kristin
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