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Croissants - White - 4pk

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Gluten Free Vegan Croissants

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Not your typical Croissant, yet this roll has a nice contrast in texture.

Our Gluten Free Croissants are more of a roll than a Croissant that offers multi-purpose meal options.

Like all our GFV Breads and products, the croissants are made in our gluten free dedicated facility, so are celiac safe.

Our recipe for gluten-free vegan breads are formulated to provide excellent taste and texture. When you enjoy our gluten-free vegan croissants you'll experience the delight of your tastebuds and the fact that they do not fall apart or crumble, like so many gluten-free bread products.

We'd love to share a sample of our delicious gluten-free vegan croissants if you stop into our bakery in Arvada, CO



Slice length wise and toast in the oven to increase the flaky texture. You may slather on some butter for the fats we do need in our diets. Fats keep our hair and skin nourished and healthy. Some raspberry jam atop the croissant is a treat fit for royalty. 

Our Croissants make great sandwiches.

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Customer Reviews (5)


Everything tastes amazingly delicious. I'm a new customer and live in Los Angeles. Finding a vegan and gluten free bread that taste good has been almost impossible for me. I had my first order delivered about a month ago and the second one about 10 days ago! Since then, i dont buy my bread from anywhere else. These guys are my FAVORITE. I hope their business grow so much that they open another branch in LA too. Estatira


I became gluten free about 5 years ago, and recently also had to go vegan. I missed croissants so much! These were tasty, and moist, and definitely hit the spot! They're more like a crescent roll or a regular roll than a flaky croissant, but it's still perfect! It's great to stuff with any kind of salad or my personal favorite, chocolate. Mmm! Christina

I nearly cried

These are soooo good. They are more like crescent rolls than French croissants (most Americans wouldn't care about the difference); but as I grew up with and greatly missed crescent rolls every holiday...these are perfect. They are wonderful and I will be buying them regularly. Those special meals won't be lacking something any more. Danielle Raphalla

I haven’t had a croissant in eight years!

This was amazing. I never want to eat a brunch without them again. Anna Stanley


These croissants are AMAZING!!!! I have Celiac Disease and I haven't eaten a croissant(one of my favorite foods) in over 3 years. Thank you so much for your dedication to making awesome gluten free products! We love everything we've tried so far! Hillary Mayrhoffer
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