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Hoagie Rolls - White - 2pk


Thru December, our Hoagie Rolls are ON SALE $1.00 off.   Holiday Dinner Tips:  Our gluten-free vegan Hoagies make WONDERFUL Dinner Rolls when cut into smaller pieces, or crostini when sliced for Hors d'oeuvres.

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Gluten Free Vegan Hoagie Rolls

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Gluten Free Things brand Gluten Free Vegan Hoagie Rolls or "sub rolls" are sold 2 per package and offer an awesome, celiac safe bread product for use in wide variety of meals and snacks.

The quality texture and taste make these gluten free hoagie rolls the perfect accompaniment for great sandwiches and subs. Or, slice these mini loaves for bruschetta and french toast on Sunday morning. Order mini loaves here online, or in our retail bakery and visit our Vendor Locator map for a growing list of food businesses offering our hoagies for a gluten-free  and vegan alternative.

Our gluten-free vegan bread products do not fall apart or crumble when you take a bite into one of our quality gluten free hoagie rolls.   We'd be delighted to provide a sample of our hoagie rolls if you stop into our dedicated bakery in Arvada, CO, at the corner of Simms and West 64th Avenue.   



Slice length wise and toast in the oven at around 350 degrees F.   You may desire to slather on some butter.  We do need fats in our diet.  Fats keep our hair, skin and nails nourished and healthy.   So pile some raspberry jam atop your toasted buttered half of a Hoagie Roll.   Ahhh.  What a treat!

Gluten Free Vegan Hoagie Sub Rolls make great sandwiches too!    

Avocado, fresh summer tomato, lettuce, basil, drizzle olive oil, turkey?   Yum, all those things along with a favorite condiment on your roll.   Heck, just use one half and melt a little mozzarella cheese under the broiler till its bubbly and hot.    You're gonna love our quality products.

 Shelf Life: F (1m), R (2w), A (3d)


Stretch your wallet further with Bulk Prices.    The more you buy the more you save. 

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Freshness and taste- “clean” stephen lindberg


INCREDIBLE !!! John & Don let me sample some items and I was amazed at how delicious their products are ! I used in place of hamburger buns. Will be back for more very soon. Pam
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