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Bread Basket Gift Pack - 6 of any combo

SKU: 4000
Weight: 96.00 Ounces
Availability: Usually ships in 3-5 business days from order date.
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  • Buy 6 or above and get $1.00 off

Our new gluten-free vegan BREAD BASKET enables you to select a combination of ANY SIX of your favorite premium gluten-free vegan breads at our Super Value Pack pricing - $1.00 off each pkg.   
Colorado pays State Sales Tax. 

Single Bread Varieties are Regularly Priced at $9.99
When you select your favorite breads and then checkout you will see the discounted price calculated at $8.99 per bread pkg. 

Super Value Pack discounts each package of our premium Gluten Free Things bread products:
$8.99 each package x 6 = $53.94

gluten-free * egg free * soy free * dairy free * vegan * corn free



  • White French Loaf
  • Hoagie Rolls
  • Croissants
  • English Muffins
  • Hamburger Buns
  • Hotdog Buns

*Additional packages added to your cart over 6 are also priced at $8.99

Made fresh in our Arvada, Colorado dedicated gluten free facility.    

Shelf Life: Freezer (1m), Refrigerator (2w), A (3d)



Customer Reviews (7)

Thoroughly Enjoyed!

I ordered a variety of products, but have only had the croissants and English Muffins so far and I LOVE the English Muffins. Such an excellent texture and flavor. I also enjoyed the croissants, but I ate those English Muffins in four days. I cannot wait to sample the bread as well as the hotdog/hamburger buns. Jennifer Appleby


This bread is by far the best GF I have ever had. I served it over the holidays to family members new to you. We dipped bread in herbed olive oil. We made the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever!!! They were both things that we had to give up years ago. But to Covid I have not been able to get back to your bakery. This is the first time I ordered long-distance, but it won't be the last! Thank you!!!!! Lauren Brown

Say It Again

Back fir a second review of the bread basket. LOVE that I can customize it to contain only what I want. The English muffins!!! Can’t do without them. Perfect chew, crunch, and taste. Only negative is the significant shipping cost...but the arrive quick and fresh. Doreen

Great bread

Best gluten free bread I have found so far. Connie Malisch

Recent order

I recently ordered the six pack of various breads and rolls, and shared half of the order with my daughter who is gluten sensitive. I loved that we could each select the different types of breads and rolls that we wanted. The checkout process is straightforward, and amazingly the order was on my doorstep the next morning!! It says to put it in the freezer ASAP. Next time I will slice all the bread before freezing it as I don’t eat it as quickly as some do. I really like the loaves as they are not as dense like most gluten-free breads. It is like I am eating a yummy loaf of artisan bread! Kathy
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