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Waffle & Pancake Flour Mix (2lbs)

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Made in our 100% dedicated gluten free facility using our special recipe engineered for great taste and a convenient easy mix, your family and friends will love this gluten-free vegan waffle pancake mix, even if they aren't gluten-free. Just whip this specialty flour mix into batter for pancakes or waffles or both.  Add just a bit more water or milk for a thinner batter consistency and make crepes with creme cheese or other yummy fillings. 

We hear over and over from customers who love our gluten-free vegan waffle and pancake mix that its the best they've ever tasted, even compared to the gluten version.   We're very proud of our special recipes to bring you the premium quality products you want for your pantry. 

Just pop extras in the pantry or in the freezer for access to fresh gluten-free vegan waffles, pancakes or delicate crepes anytime!

Gluten Free Things offers bulk discounts that we call VALUE PACK  pricing.  Just put 3 or more packages  of our quality gluten-free vegan products in your basket and you'll experience savings of $1 off each package, reflected immediately in your cart.    


1/2 Cup Gluten Free Things Waffle Mix
1/3 Cup Whole Milk (or for pancakes, use 1/2 cup)*
1 ea. Large Egg*
1Tsp. Vanilla
2 Tbsp. Butter, Melted and Cooled*

*for vegan, substitute olive oil or coconut oil for butter. Add 2 TB water to 1/3 cup water, and omit egg and milk.

Yield: 1 Gluten Free Waffle

1. Combine Milk, Large Egg, Butter and Vanilla in mixing bowl and whisk together.
2. Add Gluten Free Things Waffle Mix to liquid ingredients and stir with whisk until all dry ingredients are well blended and wet.
3. Place the mixture into a waffle iron and cook normally according to the directions provided with the waffle iron. Waffle should come out crispy when done.
4. Remove waffle and sprinkle with powdered sugar or choice of syrup and enjoy.



Watch the youtube video below to see John's demonstration and recipe for gluten-free vegan anise flavored Pizzelle Cookies, a traditional Italian Treat.   Crispy, and a treat you can combine with ice cream or other fillings.   Get the complete recipe in our featured blog article here:

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Delicious mix- we use it all the time and it always turns out great! Mary
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