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French Bread Loaf - White

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Why is our gluten-free vegan french bread one of the best celiac safe breads on the market?  

Well, there are many reasons, but one primary reason is because at Gluten Free Things,  we use our engineering discipline of critical thinking and setting up specifications so that no matter if we’re making one loaf of gluten-free vegan french bread or 1000 loaves, the product still tastes the same.  

We focus on achieving great taste and texture that won't "fall apart" when you eat it, toast it, and share it. Customers say time and time again that they love our french loaf because it doesn't crumble when they eat it and they love the taste. 

Gluten Free Things White French Loaf can be sliced  and topped with veggies, spreads or make sandwiches or a sub for sharing with family and friends.  OR, slice it for delicious french toast at breakfast time.   Slather with softened butter infused with fresh pureed garlic for the best gluten-free vegan garlic bread - hands down.

Our Colorado Gluten Free bakery offers these loaves in our retail bakery but we also supply many area restaurants for a gluten-free alternative.


Customer Reviews (12)

Just great bread, period.

Finally, crusty, gluten free french bread. This is absolutely amazing. Great for garlic bread. Fantastic for french toast. You can’t tell that it’s gluten free! Karen Lochbaum

Incredible French Bread!

We found this bread this Fall at the South Pearl Street Farmers Market and were blown away by the flavor and consistency. Crust great and soft inside and has a nearly sourdough flavor. Going to the store in Arvada tomorrow to get some more. Yum!!!! Susan Neal

This is the BEST gluten free bread ever!!

Stopped into GFT the other night. John was so nice, and this bread is amazing!! It’s been so long since I’ve had bread that actually tastes like bread! You wouldn’t even know this was gluten free! Gonna be a regular staple in our house now! Lindsay Sneller

Amazing bread.

Don’t leave the store without it! Michele Songer

The bread mades the greatest french toast I’ve ever had!

So glad to find good bread, nothing else compares! Thank you for your hard work to make it so tasty! Rachael Cerny
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