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French Bread Loaf

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Why is our gluten-free vegan french bread one of the best celiac safe breads on the market?  

There are many reasons, but the primary reason is because at Gluten Free Things,  we use our engineering discipline of critical thinking and specifications so that,  no matter if we’re making one loaf of gluten-free vegan french bread or 1000 loaves, the product still produces the same great taste, over and over. 

We focus on achieving great taste and texture that won't "fall apart" when you eat it, toast it, and share it. 

Both have been a hit, so we've added these as options for online shoppers. 

Gluten Free Things French Loaves can be sliced  and topped with veggies, spreads or make sandwiches or a sub for sharing with family and friends.  OR, slice and use to prepare delicious french toast at breakfast time.   Unlike other gluten free breads, our breads actually absorb the egg mixture used to grill your french toast.   

Our Colorado Gluten Free bakery offers our gluten free vegan french loaves in our dedicated retail bakery and also in our online store. 

Stretch your wallet further!

CONSUMERS GET WHOLESALE PURCHASING POWER with volume purchases through our bulk pricing we call  VALUE PAK pricing.   

Just pop extras in the pantry or in the freezer for access to fresh gluten-free vegan breads anytime.

 Just put 3 or more packages  of our quality gluten-free vegan products in your basket and you'll experience savings of $1 off each package, reflected immediately in your cart.    


Customer Reviews (12)

Very tasty gluten-free bread!

I’ll gladly drive 55 miles round trip to buy this bread! Michele Rice

I love this bread!

I went back for seconds. This is really good! Definitely recommend it! Debby Curran

Reading Reviews at

After reading all he reviews I am going to place an order. Can’t wait to eat good bread again! Debby Curran

Absolutely delicious!

This is bread you want to eat. Makes great sandwiches. Judy Dillard

Blown away at how light this bread is.

Real crust on the outside, soft on the inside. Toasts up amazingly well. You have truly mastered the art of a good gluten free bread! Noel Peck
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