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Pie Shell Things (1/Pkg)

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Gluten Free Things brand Pie Shell Things offer a fast and convenient way to serve up your favorite pie fillings for a gluten-free vegan treat.   Our premium Pie Shell Things come one per package in a 9" Deep Dish product with pans and keep well in the freezer until you're ready to use.   We make our own gluten-free vegan pie dough in our dedicated gluten free bakery, roll out and place in pans for your super convenient, fast way to create a dessert for whatever gathering you're planning.   Fruit fillings, puddings,  or even a quiche filling, it all works when the friends and/or  family is  jonesing for a delicious dessert, quiche, pot pie or other filling creation you devise.    Keep a package in your freezer for anytime, DIY desserts without the hassle of rolling out the crust and getting all the ingredients lined up. 


One 9" deep dish gluten-free vegan Pie Shells are par-baked and ready to be filled.  

Fill crust to the top edge of the crust so the moisture in the filling will keep the pie crust soft and create a flaky crust.  

If you wish to top the pie, purchase our gluten free vegan pie dough and roll out a top crust.  

Bake in a pre-heated 325 deg. F. oven as per the your pie instructions, typically 40-45 minutes.


As with any other Gluten Free Things products, we offer volume discounts when you buy quantities of our Pie Shell Things.   Just click on the Bulk Pricing link for each product to see what you save at different quantities.



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