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Graham Cracker Things - 9 oz.

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Graham Cracker Varieties

gf-crackers-nutritional-graham-cracker-9-oz-plain-aug2016.jpgGluten Free Things Graham Cracker Nutritional Facts - Chocolate Chip  Gluten Free Things Graham Cracker Nutritional Facts - Sugar CinnamonGluten Free Things Graham Cracker Nutritional Facts - Chocolate

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Produced in a dedicated gluten free bakery,  our exclusive graham cracker recipe is one of our very popular products and literally FLYING OFF THE SHELF as soon as they come out of the oven, cool and are packaged!   Why?  Because Gluten Free Things Graham Crackers have been engineered for great taste.   As one of Gluten Free Things premium products, our gluten-free vegan graham crackers are engineered for  excellent taste and texture, and no chance of cross contamination for those who experience mild to severe gluten intolerance or suffer from celiac disease.

Graham crackers happen to be a central ingredient for many types of desserts, so why not celebrate the liberties of gluten free desserts.   Cheesecake, s'mores around the campfire, apple crisp and other delicious adventures are no longer on the forbidden list.

John Irvin, owner and operator of Gluten Free Things, Inc. states with confidence, "our bakery uses only the highest quality, freshest ingredients and we do not make products that use gluten whatsoever.   The purity of our facility means that celiacs can feel confident that there is no contamination from cross baking."


Our bakery offers a variety of gluten free cracker options including these flavors:

Original, Sugar & Cinnamon, Chocolate and Chocolate Chip*
*May contain milk.

We also offer our crackers in singles for those busy professionals who want to pack our crackers in lunch boxes for the kids, or the backpack for weekend hikes or for executives on the go,  pop a few Graham Cracker Singles in your desk drawer for those moments of hunger when the presence of a delicious healthy treat is like manna from the skies.

Customer Reviews (6)

These crackers are wonderful!

I purchased them with hopes that my s'mores would be tasty. Turns out these crackers are so good I like them plain (e.g., without chocolate and marshmallow). Sheri Halverson
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