Essentials Bread Gift Pack - 6 pkgs

Weight: 96.00 Ounces
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We're not only TASTING great, our gluten-free vegan breads are now looking good too! 

Gluten Free Things new black & white branded packaging locks in freshness for longer shelf life.

Now priced at just $24 ($4.00 ea. pkg.) Emergency Survival Kit offers an assortment of 6 packages of premium quality gluten-free vegan breads.

With our new packaging, you'll experience longer shelf life with locked in freshness.  If you're celiac or gluten intolerant, this is a MUST HAVE kit for your comfort and planning in the event of unexpected emergencies like winter storms that knock out power and wipe out store shelves. 

John Irvin, owner and Master Baker at Gluten Free Things provides this quality kit to "put those breads back on the table that are gluten-free (and they're 100% vegan as well)!"

Our gluten-free vegan Emergency Survival Kit makes for an excellent gift, especially for working moms and dads already hustling and bustling to maintain a consistent routine. Your gift recipient will smile with joy in their hearts when they receive their package of premium gluten-free breads.   The taste and texture is like real bread and is made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.    

Our gluten-free breads contain no preservatives. Our special recipes are formulated with minimal ingredients for the maximum number of consumers who can enjoy without allergic reactions.   

Just pop the contents of the package of 6 different premium bread items in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as you receive it.  Get ready for easy peasey meal and snack enhancements.   

Fast and easy snack and meal enhancement ideas are available here. 

Gluten Free Things premium brand GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN BREADS


1 pkg White French Loaf 
1 pkg 2 ea Hoagie Rolls 
1 pkg 4 ea Hamburger Buns 
1 pkg 4 ea Hotdog Buns 
1 pkg 4 ea Croissants
1 pkg 4 ea English Muffins 

$24.00 (CO Sales Tax not incl) 

Flat Rate Shipping in Colorado $10 and Surrounding States $12 

FedEx Ground Ship available for areas in the lower 48 states not eligible for flat rate.   Estimated Shipping to a state like Florida is approx.  $16 + 3 handling.




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I’m always satisfied with my customer care and products, never a disappointment! Stephanie Gordon

Loved it

My celiac mother-in-law loved this box a lot. Jess
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