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Cinnamon Sweet Roll Thing - Glazed - 4 oz.

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We bake and sell a lot of our special recipe Cinnamon Sweet Roll Things in our 100% dedicated gluten-free facility.

How to warm our Gluten Free Things brand Sweet Roll Thing for the most satisfying texture:

Due to the nature of gluten-free food products, its important when you prepare the sweet rolls that you follow a few basics procedures for best results:

1. Microwave Reheating Instructions:
Let the cinnamon sweet roll come to room temperature if frozen. Open one corner of the cinnamon sweet roll container and place into the microwave. Turn microwave on for 10 seconds and then let rest for 5 seconds. Do this procedure three (3) times so the cinnamon sweet roll steams and does not cook the water out of the bread. Microwaving the gluten free products for a long period of time will turn the bread hard and creating a hard texture you won’t enjoy.
Warning: Microwaving gluten free products removes the moisture in the product.

2. Oven or Toaster Oven Reheating Instructions:
Let the cinnamon sweet roll come to room temperature if frozen. Preheat the oven or toaster oven to 190 deg F. Remove the Cinnamon Sweet Roll from the plastic packaging
Warning: (Do not Place Plastic Packaging in oven or toaster oven, it will melt) place cinnamon sweet roll on a cookie sheet or high temperature covered oven plate. Re-heat the Cinnamon Sweet roll for 5 minutes at the 190 deg F in the pre-heated oven. Do not over heat and dry out the gluten free bread.
Using oven gloves and remove the sweet roll pan from the oven and place on a surface that will not burn.  Allow Cinnamon Sweet Rollto cool to desired temperature so it will not burn your mouth.

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